Google launches ‘Unknown tracker alerts’ for Android phones

Good news for Android users! They’re now getting a cool feature called “Unknown tracker alerts.” This helps you find tiny devices called AirTags that might have been sneakily placed on your stuff.

If someone’s AirTag gets separated from them and ends up with you, your Android phone will tell you. To check if this is working on your phone, go to Settings, then look for “Safety & Emergency” (or “Personal safety” on some phones), and find “Unknown tracker alerts.”

This feature is available for Android 6.0 and newer phones. It’s starting on Pixel and Samsung phones in the US and other places. But right now, it only works for Apple AirTags. That might change later.

Android Unknown tracker alerts

By default, the “Allow alerts” switch is on. If you turn it off, your phone won’t automatically search for trackers with you. Any trackers found before will be deleted.

You can still do a quick “Manual scan” that takes 10 seconds. But those results won’t be saved. Remember, trackers found in a manual scan might be nearby, but not necessarily following you.

Android Unknown tracker alerts

Your location info is safe because it stays on your phone and isn’t shared with Google. When you get a notification that a tracker is with you, you can tap it to see where it’s been. You can even make it play a sound to help you find it quietly.

If you get a notification, there’s a “Next steps” section that tells you what to do. It’s smart to take a picture of the map because the alerts disappear after 48 hours. If you want to turn the tracker off, you can remove its battery.

Android Unknown tracker alerts

Via – 9to5Google

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