Samsung Galaxy S23 series coming in a few months

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics is pushing for the early release of the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S23. This is a strategy to secure its high-end smartphone market share by shortening the time between the launch of its new flagship and the iPhone 14.

It is reported that Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Experience (MX) division has decided to bring the S23’s release date earlier than its predecessor and has shared the relevant content with some partners, and Samsung has even ordered parts production in advance.

At present, the release date of the S23 series has not been confirmed. But given the production cycle of components, industry stakeholders expect the Galaxy S23 to be released two to three weeks earlier than its predecessor.

This year Galaxy S22 was released on February 25, which means that the Galaxy S23 series may be released from the end of January to the beginning of February at the earliest.

Apple will launch new iPhones in South Korea early next month. It was pointed out that the starting price of the iPhone 14 in South Korea is quite high due to the high exchange rate.

There is also a consensus in the high-end smartphone market that a super-priced “iPhone 14 competitor” is needed, which may be one of the reasons why Samsung wants to release the Galaxy S23 series ahead of schedule.

Samsung’s S23 will be significantly improved in terms of camera specifications and other aspects. The top model Ultra will be equipped with a 200-megapixel lens for the first time, which is the highest pixel specification among existing smartphone cameras.

Samsung is expected to develop to improve photo and video quality. Marketing campaigns for selling points. In addition to being equipped with ultra-high pixel lenses, the performance of various components such as the memory and processor of the S23 will also be improved.

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