Mike P.

Founder / Editor

Mike is the proud founder of His first mobile phone was Nokia 1100, which he admits to be the best option aimed at first-time mobile phone users. Aside from blogging, Mike likes to spend some time with close friends daily.

Jerry B.

Editor-in-Chief / Blogger

Jerry is the Editor-in-Chief of AndroidTrends, where he runs a growing team of reporters and reviewers. About 8 years ago, he got his start in tech journalism as a writer for news about all Android and firmware.

Daryl J.


Meet our yet another sparkling content creator, Daryl Johnson, not the real name but he told AndroidTrends to showcase it! When it comes to work, Daryl likes to independently handle the firmware department of Xiaomi (MIUI), but he doesn’t have enough time (from her busy schedule) to cover each one.

Chloe E.


Chloe is one of the most brilliant content creators on our team. She likes to manage AndroidTrends’ firmware section, but sometimes, she also comes with BREAKING news.