Man in Morocco left home but kept PlayStation 5 after earthquake, picture goes viral

When there was a big earthquake in Morocco, some people did some surprising things. One guy ran out of his house without his shirt on. And guess what he took with him? His PlayStation 5 video game console.

Now, most people might grab important stuff like water, their wallet, or their phone when they run out of a building during an earthquake. But this guy decided his video game console was the most important thing to save.

People online found it pretty funny and cool at the same time. They called him a hero for saving his gaming console in the middle of a disaster. It’s like he treated his PlayStation 5 as if it were the last slice of pizza at a party, and he wasn’t letting go.

So, even in crazy situations like earthquakes, people can have some unusual priorities, and this guy definitely stood out for his love of gaming.

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During a recent 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Morocco, one man’s unconventional choice drew attention. Instead of grabbing essentials, he fled shirtless, clutching his PlayStation 5.

This peculiar response sparked both humor and admiration online, with some praising his unwavering commitment to his gaming console even in a life-threatening situation.

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