Google and Taito unveil new AR Space Invaders game for Android and iOS players

Space Invaders, the classic retro game, is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, Google and Taito have released a new AR (Augmented Reality) game called “Space Invaders: World Defense” for Android and iOS devices.

In this free-to-play mobile game, players get to fight off invaders who appear in the real world around them using AR technology.

These invaders spawn on rooftops, buildings, and even in the sky all over the town. Players need to team up to defeat the invaders, no matter where they are located globally.

You take on the role of an elite pilot and embark on missions that blend AR and the parallel Invader world. Winning battles will earn you a place on the High Scores leaderboard, along with special bonuses and power-ups.

Google mentions that the game is powered by ARCore and uses the Geospatial API to make Space Invaders come to life. Interestingly, the gameplay can adapt to the time of day and even reflect the local weather conditions.

You can download Space Invaders: World Defense now from the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS) for free.

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