Future Pixel Phones May Feature Google’s Under-Display Camera Technology

According to a news report from PhoneArena, Google has applied for a patent in Europe for a technology called “Under-Display Camera system and device.” This technology is expected to be used in future Pixel phones to compete with Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S series.

The patent shows that Google is working on a special kind of camera that sits under the phone’s screen. This camera would let the light go through a very thin area on the screen, just like a tiny hole, to take pictures. This idea is similar to what other companies have done, like ZTE with their Axon phones.

But Google’s version is a bit different and better. They are planning to use two of these Under-Display cameras, like having two little cameras hidden under the screen. These cameras would work together to take better pictures and videos by combining their information and using clever computer calculations.

Google Pixel Under Display Camera

We don’t know for sure which Google phone will have this technology first. It’s unlikely that the upcoming Pixel 8 series in October or the Pixel 9 series next year will have it because those designs are already decided.

If Google decides to use this Under-Display Camera technology, the first smartphone to get it might be the next-generation Pixel Fold, a type of phone that can fold in half like a book.

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Via- PhoneArena

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