Google Pixel 8 Pro promo video reveals ‘Audio Magic Eraser’ feature and light blue color

New information about the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone has come out. Someone shared a short video on a social media platform showing a new feature called “Audio Magic Eraser.”

This feature seems to be part of the Google Photos video editor and can remove unwanted sounds from videos. The video also shows a blue color option for the phone.

The video looks a bit odd and has some branding on it. It says “G Pixel,” which is similar to what Google used last year for marketing. The tagline of the video says the Pixel 8 Pro is the only phone with Audio Magic Eraser and it’s made by Google.

Google Pixel 8

This new Audio Magic Eraser seems to be an addition to the existing Magic Eraser tool, which can already remove people or objects from photos and change colors. The leaked picture of the Pixel 8 Pro shows it in a light blue color, similar to the Pixel 7a.

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The camera setup is visible with all three lenses grouped together, and there’s also a flash and a temperature sensor. The phone’s metal finish looks less shiny and more like satin in this picture.

Via – 9to5Google

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